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Rawlings Mach AI USA (-10) RUS4MC10


USA bats have never seen this kind of technology before -- the Rawlings Mach AI USA bat is here to change the game.

Using a groundbreaking AI-powered supercomputer, we designed the Mach AI using thousands of different computer simulations before arriving at a completely optimized barrel design. Each quarter-inch of the barrel wall is built to exact specifications meant to perfectly optimize pop, sweet spot size, and swing weight. As a result, you get a bat with perfect feel, an enormous hitting zone, and pop that's capable of dealing damage even on mishits.

In addition, the Red Alloy+ material is ultra-durable and gives the Mach AI an unmistakable sound, and the carbon composite end-cap ensures that you're capturing more mass in the sweet spot without sacrificing any swing speed.

The Mach AI USA bat is your ticket to more consistent power and a better feel all season long. Be an early adopter of this game-changing AI technology and get your Rawlings Mach AI USA bat now!

  • Item# RUS4MC

  • Balance: Pure Velocity Performance
  • Certification: USA
  • End: 3/4" Carbon Composite End Cap

  • Frame: Red Alloy+

  • Grip: RevGrip

  • Technology: Generative AI Technology