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On-Deck Sports Batting Mat Pro w/ Catcher Extension


This product is being shipped from the manufacturer and not the Baseline Sports warehouse.  On-Deck Sports lead times around 10 - 12 business days.

Clay Batting Mat Pro with Catcher's Extension is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Offers complete floor protection with a foam backing. Durable turf is designed to be spike-resistant. Use for batting practices and before game warmups. Batter's Box lines are inlaid so they won't flake or fade. Batting mat is easy to store and move around. This model comes complete with a movable home plate, allowing users to rotate the mat and extend its life. Catcher's extension allows for a live catcher to practice without damaging gym floors or digging up the home plate area. Extension attaches and removes easily with Velcro. Clay batting mat pro with inlaid white lines and catcher's extension.