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Rawlings Heart of the Hide 12.75" Outfield Gold Glove Club - Jul 2023


The Rawlings Heart of the Hide July 2023 Gold Glove Club July 2023 glove of the month is a highly coveted baseball glove that combines exceptional quality and craftsmanship with a unique design. This particular edition, known as the PRORA13S Baseball Glove, features the RA13 pattern, which is favored by the talented outfielder Ronald Acuña Jr.

This model is intended for Outfield baseball players. With a length of 12 3/4 inches, it is specifically designed to meet the needs of outfielders. The larger size provides a larger catching surface, allowing outfielders to make spectacular catches and cover more ground in the field.

The PRORA13S Scarlet Baseball Glove is constructed using Rawlings’ renowned Heart of the Hide leather, known for its durability, flexibility, and excellent performance. This high-quality leather ensures that the glove maintains its shape and withstands the rigors of the game, even after extensive use.

The glove also incorporates Rawlings’ Pro H™ web, which plays a crucial role in enhancing stability and glove control. The Pro H™ web design creates a deep pocket that helps secure the ball upon impact, preventing it from popping out and ensuring a secure catch. This feature is particularly beneficial for outfielders who frequently encounter high-velocity line drives and fly balls.