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On-Deck Sports The Designated Hitter™


This product is being shipped from the manufacturer and not the Baseline Sports warehouse.  On-Deck Sports lead times around 10 - 12 business days.

The Designated Hitter™ Pro/Youth Model will help your pitcher learn how to pitch inside and handle a hitter who might be crowding the plate.

The Designated Hitter™ Pro/Youth Model is the ideal pitcher's training tool for baseball and softball pitchers at the advanced level. It allows your pitchers to have a live training or a more realistic bullpen session without the need for a live batter. This dummy model gives your pitchers a more efficient, effective and safe training session while practicing on the mound. The Designated Hitter™ Pro pitching dummy stands 5'9" tall - Youth stands 5'2" tall, can be used in either indoor or outdoor facilities, and comes with a weighted base to allow it to stand on its own. It is made with durable materials so it will not break when hit by fastballs. The Designated Hitter™ Pro/Youth Model is also constructed with beveled edges to reduce pitch deflection and provide a safer experience for your catchers. An orange string that attaches to the elbow of the dummy provides a visual representation of the inside corner of the strike zone for your pitchers to aim at. The DH displays all of the hitter's key landmarks, giving pitchers a complete image of the strike zone. This helps baseball and softball pitchers develop more consistency, visualize the zone, and practice hitting their marks.

The Designated Hitter™
• Can be used indoors or outdoors
• Simulates a left or right-handed batter
• Pro Model stands 5'9" tall 
• Youth Model stands 5'2" tall
• Is portable and easy to transport
• Comes in red, blue or gray color