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On-Deck Sports PVTee

SKU TA2401

This product is being shipped from the manufacturer and not the Baseline Sports warehouse.  On-Deck Sports lead times around 10 - 12 business days.

The PVTee is the top batting tee innovation from ProMounds, and is the only tee on the market that is "Meant to be Hit". Made from the highest-quality materials, the durable, long-lasting PVTee is designed to withstand the wear and tear of repetitive use. This tee features a 10-pound weighted base, unique magnet setup and a flex pivot that makes it nearly impossible to knock over. The PVTee utilizes a unique magnet to allow the tee to break down in one second and be put in the equipment bag for travel.

It has a weighted base that holds the tee in place, and its flexible pivot joint allows the impact of a mis-hits to be realized in the pivot joint, not the other tee components. The flexible pivot joint also takes the impact away from the batters hands and helps eliminates bat damage. The flexible pivot joint will have the tee back to the upright position before you are ready to put the next ball on. The PVTee lets you train the entire strike zone for nearly every level of play and is designed to withstand the wear & tear of repetitive use by top players and coaches. The PVTee's patent-pending design was lab tested with over 4,000 mis-hits, showing no wear and tear. 

  • Telescoping neck adjusts from 27"-47" 
  • 10lb weighted base
  • Package includes PVTee Stem & Base
  • Constructed of high-quality materials for long-lasting use