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On-Deck Sports 9 Hole Pitcher's Pocket

SKU MP2036
Designed by baseball and softball players, the Pitcher's Pocket is sure to improve a pitcher's game time performance. Made from industrial grade netting, this training aid is the only pitcher's net that has nine individual pockets, which allow for true accountability; players and coaches can count the balls inside the pocket to determine if the desired location was hit or missed. This helps improve the accuracy of both baseball and softball pitchers by giving them visual feedback to where the pitch was thrown. The immediate feedback also allows for more coaching time, giving you a more efficient training session.
Great for both youth and experienced pitchers. The Pitcher's Pocket provides real time pitch location to ensure the players works on hitting their spots, all without having to throw to a live batter or catcher.

• Industrial 60-gauge netting with galvanized steel frame 
• 35 in W x 45 in H frame 
• Adjustable and detachable legs to change height and for easy storage 
• Ships fully assembled 
• 2 Year Warranty - 5 Year Warranty for frame