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Easton Pro Collection Signature Series 34" Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt - J. Schro

SKU 8073468

The all-new Professional Collection Signature Series, designed in collaboration with Jen Schroeder, Morgan Stuart, Lauren Chamberlain and Haylie McCleney, is Easton’s latest addition to the fastest-growing Fastpitch softball glove line in the game. Each model has several unique position-specific features, and was designed to match the style, flare and passion these athletes bring to the game of softball every day. The Signature Series is handcrafted with Premium Reserve™ USA steer hide leather and pro-grade rawhide lace. A full leather lining, binding and welting provide a durable shape and a faster break-in time. Each model features a laceless lining, an Ax® Suede back-of-wrist liner and an adjustable fit system, making the Professional Collection Signature Series the most comfortable gloves in the game.

  • Series: Professional Collection Signature Series
  • Glove Size: 34"
  • Throwing Hand: RHT
  • Glove Lining: Classic Cowhide
  • Glove Position: Catcher