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Easton 2024 Split BBCOR EBB4SPL3


Dominate the diamond with the Easton Split BBCOR Baseball Bat. Engineered with a two-piece hybrid construction, this bat features a stiff composite handle and a powerful alloy+ composite-lined barrel, delivering optimal performance with every swing. Thanks to its Compcore Technology, the patented inner core combines lightweight composite with the strength of the highest performance alloy, resulting in a barrel with 30% thinner alloy walls for increased performance. The Purelynk CXN connection system directly connects the handle to the barrel, enabling independent movement that eliminates vibration and maximizes performance. The Pro-Stiff Carbon Handle with extra-stiff carbon fibers creates a solid handle for elite athletes, offering a stiffer feel for enhanced performance. The optimized swing weight provides a slight end load feel, with mass focused in the barrel, giving hitters more power at the plate. Certified for BBCOR leagues.

  • Certification: BBCOR

  • Frame: 2-Piece Hybrid

  • Grip: Flow-Tack Grip

  • Handle: Pro-Stiff Carbon Handle

  • Material: Hybrid