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Axe Bat FP Speed Trainers Hitting System L179G

SKU L179G33

Everything you need right out of the box to achieve your best swing in-season and out. This weighted bat set and 24 weeks of guided hitting training will help you improve your hitting mechanics, exit speed and consistency. Everything you need to become an elite swinger. The 24 weeks of guided training gives you step by step instruction with your daily hitting drills. It is designed for individual players, for coaches, or for team use.

Two weighted, precision-skill bats (Available in 31",32",33" and 34" sets)

Speed handle-loaded bat (medium swing weight), Power barrel-loaded bat (max swing weight)

24 weeks of guided step by step hitting training

12 weeks of in-season training, 12 weeks of out-of-season training, plus advanced sessions

Guided instruction from Driveline , the leader in data-driven training

Recommended for players 10u through college

Ideal for individual, group, team, or family use

1-piece alloy constructions

2-1/4” barrels

1-year standard warranty