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ATEC Baseball Bucket Feeder

Easy Load Design
  • Pivoting Head allows for upright bucket loading
  • Reload Feeder with new bucket in under 30 seconds
Compatible with five or six gallon buckets
  • Five Gallon = 48 Baseballs *included with purchase
  • Six Gallon = 60 Baseballs
Compatible with Wireless Feeder Remote
  • Control the on/off of the feeder, or use as a pause for mid-training instruction
  • 50ft Range
Compatible with the following ATEC machines:
  • M3, M2, M1
  • R3, R2
  • Casey Pro 3G, Casey Pro
  • Power Hummer, Rookie
  • Axis, Radius

This product is being shipped from the manufacturer and not the Baseline Sports warehouse. Typically, manufacturers ship within 4 business days, extra time may be needed if it is a custom made or made to order product.