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Marucci CATX Composite USSSA (-8) MSBCCPX8


The saying goes that X marks the spot and the Marucci CATX is sure to put you on the map of most feared hitters. Marucci has once again delivered a bat that will perform to the max standards allowed on the field. The Marucci CatX Connect features a redesigned and completely re-shaped barrel profile that moves the balance point closer to your hands (on average a .5 inch lower balance point) for a balanced swing weight while also providing an industry-leading sweet spot for a better-performing barrel. The CATX Connect USSSA baseball bat showcases a robust 2 3/4 inch diameter barrel and massive sweetspot. The new S-40 composite handle is up to 10% stiffer than the previous handle on the CAT9 Connect which allows for a quicker energy transfer from swing to ping. Designed by ball players for ball players and ready to perform on every swing the Marucci CATX Connect is ready for action.